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Coro Gold Tumbler

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Hand thrown on the pottery wheel these limited edition Coro gold tumblers are a special edition to our range and any pottery collection.

These are a mid sized tumbler around 10 cm tall and 8cm wide.

This beautiful organic New Zealand clay is sustainably hand harvested from the Driving Creek estate in Coromandel. Originally formulated by the late Master Potter Barry Brickell this rich golden terracotta. Barry made everything from tiny tea bowls to ten metre sculptures with this incredibly versatile earthenware and revelled in its rich natural character.
Lightly sieved and blended with river sands this tactile clay retains the rough sawn character of the Coromandel Peninsula, we have blended this clay by hand with another favourite clay. This is a wild clay and has a palette ranging from burnt orange through rusty browns to an almost purple hued dark chocolate at higher temperatures in the kiln. We have glazed them in our bespoke glaze kirikiri which lets the clay shine, bringing through iron spots and texture. Kirikiri means sand or shoreline in te reo maori and is a perfect combination with the whenua (land).
When this clay is fired, natural elements of the clay come throw the body and glaze, each piece will be completely unique. These are only available online with us we understand it's a tricky because you would like to choose your tumbler, what i'm going to do it list two different tumblers under this one product, and we will try and help you where we can.
Rustic - There is no way around the rustic-ness of this clay and that's the beauty of it but these will be the more simple ones.
Character plus - These will be the warts and all tumblers, crystals popping up out of the clay and streaks of colours.

Driving Creek Potteries produces a sustainably limited amount of this legendary terracotta. 10% of the sale of all these tumblers will be gifted back to Driving creek railway, proceeds from sales go to maintaining, sharing and developing this National Treasure (Driving Creek Charitable Trust).