Thea Ceramics

Tea strainer - Muka


Image of Tea strainer - Muka

These are a hand thrown tea strainer basket. Designed to sit inside out tumblers and mugs. The wide rim of the tea strainer leans against the rim of the vessels creating a lid. The basket sits inside the vessel allowing the boiling water to step the leaves of the tea which sit in the basket. Holes have been hand punched into the basket to let the water drain through the leaves.

Tea leaves are often a much higher quality then the leaves in tea bags and the process of steeping tea adds to your tea ritual.

The strainers are only glazed to the bottom of the basket and not over the holes to insure the holes are big enough but not too bit, these are hand made so do allow for varies between pieces.

Muka is a cream matte glaze, muka is named after the fibre which come from the Harakeke (flax) plant.

Dish washer safe.