Thea Ceramics

Brutalist Latte tumbler - Aumoana

$42.00 - Coming soon

Image of Brutalist Latte tumbler - Aumoana Image of Brutalist Latte tumbler - Aumoana

Hand thrown on the potters wheel in brutalist clay and doubled dipped in bespoke Aumoana glaze.
Aumoana, means blue clay or oceanic in te reo Māori. This glaze is a stain glaze and slightly translucent to show the natural texture of the clay. The brutalist clay is a hard waring clay, that has a light feel and concrete look.

Latte tumblers around 11cm high and around 12oz in volume, do take note that brutalist clay shrinks less then cream stoneware so these tumblers are slightly larger.

Please double check pre order dates to make sure they suit. We often manage to get the product out sooner but since we are small batch pottery these releases are limited.

All Thea ceramics are hand made so sizes and colours vary, they are dishwasher safe and are intended for everyday use.