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Tumbler - Māwhero

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Image of Tumbler - Māwhero Image of Tumbler - Māwhero Image of Tumbler - Māwhero

Hand thrown on the potters wheel in cream stoneware and doubled dipped in bespoke Māwhero glaze.
Māwhero means, pink in Te reo Māori, Mā being white and whero being red. This glaze Has been one of my most popular colours of all time and this is the first release of this glaze on the cream stoneware.
These are available in two sizes Flat white and Latte
Flat white tumblers around 9cm high and around 8oz in volume.
Latte tumblers are around 10cm and around 11oz in volume.

All Thea ceramics are hand made so sizes and colours vary, they are dishwasher safe and are intended for everyday use.