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Flatware - workshop


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Flatware workshop will be a focused class on design and making of dinnerware: learning focused classes designed for people with some potters wheel experience, someone who has learnt to centred a pot on the wheel before. or as addition to the "introduction to the wheel class".

Esther Mcdonald, Thea owner and designer will be taking small classes of 4 to ensure each student gets plenty of one-on-one time and a wheel each. Esther has 6 years pottery experience and 13 years teaching experience, she is vibrant, a clear communicator and specialises in functional ware.

This is the first time offering this class and we are really excited to share knowladeg and talk design.

Workshop breakdown:
Clay - short info, preparation and Wedging
Design -
Throwing - making a pot on the wheel.
Because this is a one season class, no pots will be "finished" these classes will be focused on the process not the product ad in this way we will extend your learning further.

Provided :
Clay - stoneware class clay and extra clay for purchase
Paper and pens - for drawing and taking notes.
Tools - A basic tool set to take home and use of studio tools while attending the class.

How to prepare:
-Wear something you can get dirty, no skirts.
-If you have a bib apron these are great, if not a old towel is helpful.
-Long nails can easily damage your work and make it difficult to throw which is something to consider!
-If you have any health/body issues or back, hand or arm issues please let us know.
-Please make sure you are on time and ready to work as 2 hours goes quick.
- come with some flexible ideas and goals.

Classes are held in the Thea Garden studio in Ostend on Waiheke Island, More information and address will be given out once booked.

If you plan on traveling from Auckland it is a 35min boat ride from Auckland CBD and Busses and other forms of transport available on the other side to Ostend.

March - April 2019
Friday - 10:00am - 1:00pm 29th March

There will also be offerings of one-off classes in production pottery, this would be perfectly acceptable as an add-on if you wold like to extend your skills further.

These classes are non-refundable, someone else might have potentially loved your spot.